Organisational team

David Jones
David started debating in 2008 and should have retired years ago. After a career working in finance and consulting David returned to University in 2019 to start an MBA at London Business School. He has considerable experience in organising debating competitions, having organised Aberystwyth, Game of Thrones open and UKDC in his time as well as organising several multi-day, multi million pound events through the course of his professional life.

Anurag Khaire

Anurag is an experienced project manager who spend 5 years working in banking in Singapore. He has significant experience in running multi-million pound programs and delivering excellent results on time. At LBS he has taken up debating to become one of the core members of our society, finalling at this years Presidents Cup and delivering training on a weekly basis.

Ashleigh Dyer

Ashleigh joins us from deep in the heart of Texas, where she has spend the last 5 years working as a product manager for Capital One. She used her immense organisational skills to launch several best selling products and has considerable experience in organising trade shows and conferences which has been invaluable to the organisation of this competition

2019 World Debating Championships